Dastan the rogue

A shady character who recently accompanied you on an adventure.


Level 2

Age 26
Height: 4’6"
Short, dark black hair. He has a tiny soul patch. He wears pretty standard leather armor, dyed black. He’s pretty average looking.
He carries around a strange contraption on his back that looks somewhat like a crossbow, but he doesn’t seem to carry bolts with him. He wields twin daggers in combat, prefering to strike from the shadows.


You don’t know much about Dastan, except that he was your guide on your last adventure. Without his help your party may not have survived. He’s cheerful and friendly, but hasn’t volunteered much information about himself, or his past. He did mention that he loves a good drink and has offered to treat everyone with his share of the loot. How nice… but he is a rogue after all, can he really be trusted?

Dastan the rogue

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